Avocare is a law firm specializing in employment law. Avocare represents both employers and employees and provides services in the field of employment law in the broadest sense of the word including civil service law, managing directors’ liability, collective bargaining agreements, works council issues and employer liability. Click here for a more substantial list of services.

Avocare maintains close relationships and direct contact with its clients. In this way, the interests of the client can be assessed without losing time to find a practical solution. Early involvement of Avocare prevents possible procedures. Avocare has clients in the Netherlands and abroad.

Avocare can assist you in finding a suitable interim solution such as replacement of an employee during pregnancy, long-term disability, projects ( reorganization / change of management). Avocare also provides in-house training on various employment law topics e.g. performance issues. A tailor-made course is available upon request.

Avocare has excellent contacts with other lawyers, tax advisors, notaries, auditors in the Netherlands and abroad.